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GoCounselor was created to fixed problems and give solutions to School Counselors. We, as an International School Counselors ourselves, spent too much time doing painful paperwork and administrative tasks. Boroooring! Not fun.

We believe that there is always a better way to do things. With GoCounselor, we achieved giving a perfect solution for organization, student scheduling, note taking and spending more time with students with a stylish and intuitive interface.

Our Ethos is very clear: Be more organized and spent more time with your students. That's it.

GoCounselor S.L Avd. Ricardo Soriano, Num 50 29601 Marbella (Malaga). Spain.

American School Counselor West Campus

GoCounselor is very interested in meeting the needs of school counselors, and they have been making great changes to their website to meet these needs.

LizNoel Duncan

Dulwich College Suzhou

GoCounselor is a great tool to keep everything in order. It makes a big difference to me as I track my appointments and keep tabs on the students that drop-in every day. It keeps me organized and as it grows I can see how it will improve my efficiency and the quality of work I do with students.

Lucien Giordano.

I love this program. Made my life simpler. Very easy to use. I really like the student portal.

Serena Hai
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